July 6, 2011

ARC Review | 20 Years Later by E.J. Newman

Author: E.J. Newman
Publisher: Dystopia Press
Publication Date: July 5th, 2011
Pages: 313
Chapters: 32
Original Language: English
Source: *Publisher

Summary via Goodreads

LONDON, 2012: It arrives and with that the world is changed into an unending graveyard littered with the bones, wreckage, and memories of a dead past, gone forever.LONDON, 2032: Twenty years later, out of the ashes, a new world begins to rise, a place ruled by both loyalty and fear, and where the quest to be the first to regain lost knowledge is an ongoing battle for power. A place where laws are made and enforced by roving gangs-the Bloomsbury Boys, the Gardners, the Red Lady's Gang-who rule the streets and will do anything to protect their own.THE FOUR: Zane, Titus, Erin, Eve. Living in this new world, they discover that they have abilities never before seen. And little do they know that as they search post-apocalyptic London for Titus' kidnapped sister that they'll uncover the secret of It, and bring about a reckoning with the forces that almost destroyed all of humanity.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
20 Years Later is actually my very first post-apocalyptic novel read. Sometime ago, I actually don't have an idea the difference between post-apocalyptic and dystopian book. While absorbing the knowledge in my head, I was compelled and interested on reading this one. Let's find out shall we?

PLOT. WOW! From the prologue until the epilogue of the book is simply astonishing. The idea of creating the new world is really brilliant. The thought of the nearest destruction of the entire civilization with the gangs and our four dearest protagonist actually amazes me!

They way the book was written is exactly the way I wanted it. Simple but there are many things going on. It is not confusing and easy to adapt. The creativity and originality of creating it's world is fantastic! It makes the readers' mind to picture this world that is mentioning. Newman is a very good author. She created this world with full of surprises, she bought such a believable story of emotions and with the twist of the protagonists special abilities. In short, the writing is very fresh and new, making all of her readers attached to the book. 

CHARACTERS. Characters are all so goodie! Each of our four protagonist is very different from each other. Individually, they have their own story to share, their emotions and how their lives flow to the world they are into. But when all of them shared one purpose or connect to each other, it is more ravishing. They became one in such an amazing way.

Each of our protagonists have these different characteristics which is very likable in their own way. Zane, the soft and naive one. Titus, the smart and with a strong will and Erin, the tough with a good heart. While, Eve, the fourth whom I was very interested in. She wasn't been introduced not until the middle of the book but I think that she is more of a cute and innocent one. If you're are going to ask me, I really don't know who would be my favorite character.

In addition to the story, other characters such as Miri, Jay, Luthor and a lot more contributed big time! They adds more drama, action and mystery to the story. It gives the kick and excitement that the readers need.

FLAW? There is one at the first few chapters. The pacing is a bit slow. I was looking for the best part of it. But overall the greatest things I read inside this book. I loved each and every pages.

OTHER THOUGHTS. I have mentioned that I am very picky on the book how it ends. Well... This one didn't disappoints me. It was satisfying and it definitely makes me anticipate the next installment. Awesome! :D

20 Years Later is one of the best book I've this 2011. Brilliant and compelling. A worthy read! Salute to E.J. Newman! :D

*I received this ARC from the Publisher, Dystopia Press and to Mr. Mark Long in exchange for my honest review. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!



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Selina said...

I love post-apocalyptic fiction. This book has been on my wish list for a while, and I am jealous to see you managed to get your hands on a review copy. Well done and thanks for the great review. Makes me want to read it even more!

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