January 19, 2011

ARC Review: This Girl is Different by J.J. Johnson

This Girl is Different by J.J. Johnson

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Pages: 320 (e-ARC)
Chapters: 34
Original language: English
Source: NetGalley*

This girl is different… That’s what Evie has always told herself—and it’s true. Home-schooled by her counter culture mom, she’s decided to see what high school is like for the first time—for her senior year. And what a year it is.

As it turns out, it’s not just Evie who’s Different. Lots of people are. Many of her assumptions about others are turned on their heads as she makes friends with kids her own age for the first time, discovers what’s good and what’s bad about high school, and learns lessons about power and its abuse—both by the administration and by Evie herself.

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This is my first e-ARC to be reviewed. I am so excited to share with you what I think about this book. Well... Here goes:

I like the cover of the book, it's simple. I love the summary as well, it turned out to be more interesting to read.

The story is about a home-school girl named Evie. She'll be taking a new journey of her life, taking up her senior year at a public school. She is been home-schooled like forever -- Talk about Culture Shock. Evie never expected what really High School is all about. The school is like a prison and injustice is all in the way. She planned out something to put it all into justice but things didn't went so well according to plan and everything got messed up. Now Evie is forced to face the problem she started and set things back the way it was..

The book is good read. It was simple yet entertaining. I'll admit the book is well-written and I found myself at page 150 in an instant. Evie, would be the best character here (despite she is the main character), she is very inspirational. Her personality was quite unique, if I may say so. She is so darn smart, very smart! And she is not afraid to stand up on what she believes in and to jump in to defend someone else. I loved that she is so independent and strong.

There is only two things I am not sort of happy about this book. Evie mentioned This girl is different to herself like almost all chapters of the book, that sends me saying to myself while I 'm reading, I already know that, whatever. I found Evie and Rajas relationship refreshing, but they are missing some of romance and courtship, and at the fact that how hot they were when they're together.

Moving on, I do like Evie when she first met Rajas, she acts like a typical high school-er., she is so not like her real self when he is around She wonders if he has a girlfriend, if he thinks about her, that it feels when the moment she touches his skin and what would be like to kiss him and all that. In short, there are couple of humors are mixed on the story, especially her mom, Martha. The last thing I heard someone calling her mother by name is at a local movie here in the Philippines -- the title of the movie is BFF. Anyway, Evie treats her mom like her daughter which is funny. Same as to Jacinda, her humorous ignorance is quite a comic.

I like the part of the lightning-thingy -- I won't spoil this one because it is the best part. My heart hammers when I reached at the ending. I was kinda nervous for Evie on those part of the story.

I actually learned a lot in this book, to be honest. It tackles a bunch of issues happening in reality, which is good. It delivers a message for all the readers not to abuse power, not judging people, to stand up on what you believe in and to be cautious to what you are saying to others that might harm someone's feeling  even if your purpose of saying those are good.

I like to recommend this book to you guys! It is worth a time. You will learn something from this book, I promise. A book values of sharing us moral lessons in life. :]

*I received this free e-galley from publisher, Peachtree Publishers via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Thanks guys!^^


Mia said...

Interesting. can't wait to read my copy ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reading Lassie said...

Great review! I like smart heroines, so I guess I will like Evie.

Marrion said...

@Mia Yeah, I'm sure you're going to like the story!^^

@Lassie Thanks! You're going to like her, you couldn't believe how really smart she was! ^^

T.B. said...

Congratulations on your first e-ARC!

This seems like a great book, and the main character Evie seems like she struggles to find confidence in herself, especially since this is her first year in high school. I can't wait to read it! Thoughtful review!

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiner's Book Blog) said...

Thanks for review, I really enjoyed it.
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

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