About Me

About the BLOG
This blog started known as Palm Books Journal. Now, I have upgraded it and called it The Book Associate. I feel that I needed a new look for and and I am assure that this time it will be different.

Unlike the first, B.A mainly focuses on professionalism, clarity and informational purposes of books and other related stuffs. Together with a "youth"-ness and craziness making it more interesting and appealing to my readers. It will provide an easy, simple and yet effective way of delivering the hottest book trends in the blogosphere.


About the BLOGGER

My name is Marrion. I am a 23 year-old bookBLOGGER resides in Manila, Philippines. I am total BIBLIOphile (not denying it!). I am currently working at a local bookstore here in the Philippines know as Powerbooks. I have been working there since May 15, 2011. Believe it or not... My position there is none other than a Book Associate. (No kidding!) I handle books that mainly focuses on Lifestyle, Sports, Fashion&Beauty (I don't have a choice.. *sighs*), Entertainment and Cooking! You read it right... No YA! Though I usually read and collect Young Adult novels. 

I started loving book since in high school and from a friend who suggest on try reading a book. The first novel I ever read is from Harry Potter. Not from this book... I wouldn't be here right now -- being a BOOKSlave.

If am not reading. I usually spend my time at work with piles and shelves of books! On my free time and not focusing myself on books, I do watch television, sketching and daydreaming. :]

I am a blogger since Nov2010. This bookBLOG is published on Jan2011.
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