July 22, 2011

Review | Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance

Title: Daemon Hall
Author: Andrew Nance
Publisher: Square Fish
Date Released: July, 20, 2010
Pages: 259
Chapters: -No Chapters Indicated-
Original Language: English
Source: *Bought

Summary via Goodreads

Is winning a writing contest worth risking your life?

Nothing exciting ever happens in the town of Maplewood—that is, until famous thriller writer Ian Tremblin holds a short-story writing contest with a prize that seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime: five finalists will get to spend the evening with Tremblin himself in the haunted mansion Daemon Hall, and the winner of the best short story will see publication.

     Wade Reilly and the other finalists could never have imagined what they find lurking in the shadows of this demonic mansion. During a suspenseful night of tale-telling, strange incidents mix the realms of the real and the supernatural. What is Tremblin really up to, and can he be trusted? What about Daemon Hall—is it alive? And, more to the point, will any of the contestants make it out of this hall of horrors to tell their story?

     In the tradition of Stephen King, this chilling novel will have teen readers on edge in anticipation of what’s to come with the next extinguished candle.
* * * * * * * * * *

I got this book from where I was working. My friend suggest that I should try this... Of course, I didn't hesitate because I love a scary and thrilling horror novel. So instead of just borrowing it, I just went into the cashier and paid for it. Well... and so it began. I have read this one a couple of days ago, the memory is still fresh. Let;s start shall we?

The Plot. It was really great. The fact that this book is obviously a YA Thriller/Horror or something... The scare-vibe actually stands in its name.

The storyline is very unique in my own perspective. It is like a telling stories on a story. Confusing? Not really... You will get my point once you've read this one. The story is about a five oh-so-lucky aspiring writers, who were the finalist on a very famous horror writer named Ian Tremblin. Obviously, those five finalists with their own original story/novel [Wade, Kara, Chelsea, Chris and Demarius] are main characers. However, the narrative plot is came out from Wade Reilly. So... The person who wins gets their entry novel to be published. Just by staying on the night of the grounds of Daemon Hall. Then... of course the whole story began!

To be honest, I am very impressed on how the book is written. The stories of the five MC is very amazing and four additional story -- plus Wade Reilly's POV narration. Each story telling gives you a unique taste of horror, chills and fright. Not to mention the free creepy illustrations included on the book. Anyway, the flow of the story is quite balanced. The understanding level is good and the pacing goes in a neutral state. What I mean is there is no ups and downs. There are no parts that is dull and some parts where climactic which giving me.. I may say.. An exact chill ride. A big thumbs up for Andrew Nance! :D

The Characters. There are no similar character characteristics, right? Each characters has their own stories to tell. Aside from their story entries for the contest. Though I don't seem very attached to them, however, it's the way I feel from it. It's because this is a thriller book. I don't really know how it ends. Good or bad.. or probably very bad, right?

Flaw. There is? Well... there is. As I compliment the stories and the whole story itself. Honestly, each story told is great individually... But as the story is moved after the other or switched on Wade's POV is a difficult to swallow. Of course, you have to embrace the sole purpose of the story as well as the characters story entries.

Aside from that... The epilogue is quite off. Hate to say it but I kinda don't like it. The event's from the contest is resolved but it's not satisfying. There are too less information and clarity. I have a hard time accepting how the end.. ends!

Other Thoughts. As I mentioned about the illustrations included here. Those are actually my heart-stopper. The picture is creepy, honest-like. After a story was told, a picture ends on it. And when I flipped the page and I already know that freakish-illustration is next to the page... I can't help it. It sends the chill out of me. LOL! Which means... The book is great! It sends an impact to the reader. Awesome! :D

If you want some chill-ride.. then this is perfect for you. And may I suggest of reading this one. I'd prefer reading it at night and alone which gives it more a kick into your spine! I recommend this! A salute for Andrew Nance's Daemon Hall! :D



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