January 12, 2011


Welcome to Palm Books Journal! My name is Marrion, a Pinoy who has a passion for books. Believing that books are the greatest thing ever created in the world.  I will be posting book reviews, recommendations and a lot more, which of course related to books. Hopefully someday, this book blog will be a success. I am very much excited to share my thoughts about books and I love to meet different people who shares the same passion!:]

This was not a part of my daily routine but with a push from a close friend, I was starting to get a hang of it again. It was great getting back on blogging, I never thought I how I missed it so much!
I have the deepest, warmest thanks to my best friend Mia of Girls about Books. It was her who helped me continue what I do best.

If you're asking when was I started loving books? Well, to be honest, when I was small (grade school) books is not actually in my interest. I hated it. Especially the educational books from school. I know right? It's weird of me. I do read, forcefully. Children books are the first thing, Alice, Adventures in wonderland, Greed Eggs and Ham, etc. When I went into High School, then I started to like it. I'd never thought books are so influential. The novel I first read was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - borrowed from a friend. I didn't expect the words coming out of the book that is so... brilliant! I just couldn't stop reading since that day... Went way from college, until today. 

Books became part of my life which I didn't anticipated before. Now, it keeps ringing into my head that I needed to read, read and read. It was highly contagious and I loved it!

This blog will show how I love books so much. I wanted it to share it with you. Hoping, your utmost support for me and to my posts from start 'til forever! :]

Note of Reminder:
I am starting from scratch. Meaning, it is not that perfect but I'll do my best to meet your expectation. I don't want to be discourage from the beginning. So keep the bad vibes away for awhile. Thanks and God Speed! ^^

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