March 31, 2011

ARC Review | In The Arms Of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane

In The Arms Of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Pages: 313 [eARC]
Chapters: 19 [eARC] 
Original Language: English
Source: NetGalley* 

Two years ago I did a terrible thing. I accused my best friend of being a killer after seeing him kneeling over a girl's body. That moment and that outcast boy still haunt me.
Now my mom is forcing me back to Oklahoma and I can't get White Bird out of my mind. But when I find out he's not in juvie—that he's in a mental hospital, locked in his tormented brain at the worst moment of his life—I can't turn my back on  him again.

No one wants me to see him. My mom doesn't trust me. The town sheriff still thinks I was involved in the murder. And the other kids who knew the dead girl are after me.

I'm as trapped as White Bird. And when I touch him, I get sucked into his living hell, a vision quest of horrifying demons and illusions of that night. Everything about him scares me now, but I have to do something. This time I can't be a coward. This time I have to be his friend.

Even if I get lost, as well…

* * * * * * * * * *

This book never occurred to me to be a bomb-shell. Well, I guess first impression never last and needed to give it a second or a third look. I though this book is angel-related, obviously, the word angel is mentioned but it is not. Once I started reading it, I was getting more intrigued and can't help reading it more. Let's see what I think about this book.

The Plot. At first, the first pages, the MC only mentioned only some typical teenager life but little by little, things get changed. It does makes me drawn to read it more. Whatever happens unexpected, my heart skipped a beat and I have a feeling there is more from this one.

Every words are easy to pick up or should I say easy to understand. The writing is in so much details that you are actually picturing the scene in your head. I felt like I was watching a movie inside my mind. Though there are not much of a humor still there is some, I actually, love how everything turns out. 

There is this amazing twist at the end and I actually see it coming! I was really surprised to finally found out about it! How cool is that! It like a special cereal box that has a surprise inside! And I will definitely devoured it in one sitting!

I heaved a grateful sigh on how brilliant this book is. There has been this predictability -not so much for a flaw -  but I guess the author intended to do it because there are so much more to the story which unruly unexpected and totally stunned me in amazement.

The Characters. Thankfully, this one do not focused on our female protagonist in which she tells the story in her POV. Like, Deputy Tate and the others who mainly involves to the mystery beheld to the story. Has their own parts. Everything is easy to love and of course - hate. Not the hate of the book but their way of thinking and attitude in the story.

I felt a huge pity with Brenna. Awww... I felt so bad about what they did to her, though somewhat it was very empowering. She begins at the weakest point in the story and then she begins to progress slowly. I do admire her so much and for her love with White Bird. Well, White Bird is an half-indian and also the most important character in the story. Guess what? I won't spill a spoiler out! lol! However, this is the first time I read an half-Indian to be a male protagonist. Even though I watched the movie, Indian In The Cupboard. But it result to be a good thing because there is this main purpose why he is an Indian. 

Flaw? Nah! I don't think there's a flaw unless you have seen one when you read this yourself. To me it is thrilling, exciting, breath-taking, heart-stopping book. That should be in your bookshelves  for sure.

You're going to love how Brenna unravels the ultimate mystery of her haunted past two years ago of her life. And I definitely recommend this book for those who wants to have a thrilling sensation and stunning revelations you wouldn't forget. I assure you, you won't regret getting this one! A great salute for Jordan Dane! :]

*I received this free eGalley via from publisher Harlequin Teen via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Thanks guys!^^



The Lovely Getaway said...

awesome review! you can tell you really liked this book, and that makes me want to read it that much more :) thanks for sharing!


T.B. said...

Haha, you're practically gushing over this one! I'm so glad you liked it though! I loved it when you said, "It like a special cereal box that has a surprise inside!" Awesome review!

kai (amaterasu) said...

I loved this book! I just finished reading last Sunday and you're totally correct. It'w worth gushing over! I feel the same way. I was surprisingly impressed with Jordan's writing. Great review!

van_pham said...

great review, I have never heard of this book but after reading your review I definitely want to read it now!

Ceej said...

Great review! :]

Faye said...

Love Harlequin Teen! they hae let me down yet. So ITAoSA is high on my I WANTZ list lol

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