March 19, 2011

eBook Review | Fallen by Nhan Diep

Fallen by Nhan Diep
Publisher: Nhan Diep
Release Date: February 23, 2011
Pages: 290 [ebook] 
Chapters: 29 [ebook] 
Original Language: English
Source: From the Author*


Emma rescued him because it was the “right” thing to do. He wasn’t your typical babe in the woods. He wore rustic clothing. His hair was too long. His face was too handsome. There was that tattoo of a flaming cross down the side of his neck too.

Now, as she’s speeding toward a dock with every intention of slamming into it, she found herself no longer wondering who he was, but rather, what he was. She turned around and looked at his absent face smiling nervously back at her, bracing himself as blacked winged Angels chased their runaway boat.

Was he a monster? Or some sort of demon? Why would Angels be after his life? Two months ago, her world still made sense. Now, nothing will ever be the same again. She had unwittingly put herself in the middle of a reigniting celestial war, and little did she know the fate of the world would soon be contingent on them. And she’d never even driven a boat before. 18, was going to be a tough year.
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An author offers me to review his book. And I accepted it and it is a very great honor for me to do it. I haven't heard any news from this book but not until now. So let's start! :]

The Plot. This really is an interesting story.  Of course, I didn't hesitate to get in vibes on liking this one because it is an angel-related book. This does not focus on only to one person but almost everyone who is important on the story, whom their part contributes to it.

Humor never gets boring to this one, even it only applies to an amount of few. And the action is the very coolest part. Haven't read any angels having a fight on the air, so this is the first time. I was definitely imagining every details of the fight, and I am pretty sure that was a blast!

The love part isn't in much holding. It was in a good way, of course. That means we have to wait for the next book for it to know how will it progress. Not just by the end of the book, they are already a couple or in-love. This book is not one of those books. And I really can't wait hows it turns out!

The Characters. Emma is the female protagonist in the story and easily fell in-love with her. Especially when she her mannerism turned up. She likes numbers unlike me. *laughs* Beside from her being like that, I really like her when she is with Cael. He is the male protagonist and have the most definitive role here. You are probably wondering if how did he get that name. It is very unique for me. He is very awesome and cool. And I really like the Emma and Cael team up.

Minor roles (I don't think if they are minor roles), such as Ellie, Emma's younger sister. Though I think of her more to be the older one because she is more open than to her sister. And she's the one bringing up the funny parts of the book. And I was wondering if she and Caim would be a couple. I really liked them as well. [You have to read this on what on earth I was talking about.]

You will meet a lot of angels here. I mean A LOT! You're going to love how cool their names are and see to it that you wish you had their names. lol! :]

There are lots of characters here and OH! They are all awesome! They are easily remembered and loved.

Tiny Flaw. I just picked up the parts when a scene immediately jumped to another one and sometimes there are parts I was confused on whom was talking who. And thankfully, it is easily eased up. So there is not much of a problem. :]

I do recommend this book though it is only available on ebook and in kindle edition. I was wondering if this would be published on paperback or hardcover because it is a really great read. And surely you won't be disappointed. :]


*I received this free ebook copy from the author Nhan Diep for allowing me to review his book. Thank you so much! :]



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