May 27, 2011

ARC Review | Zitface by Emily Howse

I missed so many things lately and I haven't reviewed a lot this month! I am kind of disappointed to myself. If your curious what I have been busy to, you can ask me and I'll post something about it. But anyway, the thing I missed most is posting my reviews and being with my loved followers! Gawd! I I really missed you guys! Well, I am here so let's turn the fire up again! :D

Zitface by Emily Howse
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
Date Published: April 28, 2011
Pages: 224 [on Hardcover]
Chapters: 20
Original Language: English
Source: Publisher*
A teenage actress finds her life turned upside down when she develops severe acne. A strong debut novel that is both funny and moving. Subject has not been addressed in this fashion before.

* * * * * * * * * *

It is a YA fictional contemporary novel (or MG?), I don't know if this is my 3rd or 4th book in this genre. Anyway, I am very honored to provide a review on this one. Shall we?
The Plot. The whole storyline is completely fictional but it targeted a realistic scene. Having acne is very annoying. And highlighting it in a book is pretty new for me. The truth is, I am pleased that this book is focused on a very issue of a typical ordinary teenager. Issues that actually occurred normally on a teenager's life.

Aside from that, it blended with other teenage problems like in family, friends, relationship with the opposite sex and life career. It's a very good thing that it does not only focused on the highlight of the story. That it makes the book more expanded, fun to read and actually -- not boring.

The writing is simple and very understandable. I haven't got any issues on how I should understand it. So it was easy for me to grasp it. Then it was perfectly good book! :]

The Characters. All of the characters are very entertaining. Olivia, our protagonist, is very adorable, I really liked her so much. Her popularity is not just like the other contemporary novels I read. She is not mean or a bully. She is downright kind, friendly and remained being true to herself which is totally to be admired. Her experience of having her first zit/acne is funny but sometimes over reacting. Of course I wouldn't blame that her life being a commercial model is at stake.

Anyway, her relationship between J.W. and Theo really surprises me. It was... kinda unexpected. In a good way of course and it was pretty awesome. Other than that, the other who contributes to the story is a good touch up. I really enjoyed it! :]

Flaw? Nope, I don't have any. It's simple yet very entertaining. :]

I do recommend this for girls at young age most likely. To know how to survive puberty. It also sends us a great deal of moral lessons that it will truly help you to survive growing up. Dealing problems, learning from mistakes and giving forgiveness and a lot more. You may be able to understand on how to survive on this stage of your life. And this book truly fits the description! I admire and salute Emily Howse's Zitface! :D

*I received this ARC from the Publisher, Marshall Cavendish Children's Books 



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T.B. said...

This sounds like a cute read, but with real issues thrown in too! Interesting storyline to it though, with the main character as a teenage actress. Glad your back Marrion!

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