May 10, 2011

{Blog Tour} Author Interview with Holly Schindler + Giveaway

Playing Hurt Philippine Blog Tour has finally came to stop by here in my blog! A great and fantastic author of Playing Hurt-- Holly Schindler! I ask her five questions regarding to her sophomore novel, Playing Hurt.

About the Author

I think the first thing I ever did in life was grab a pen and a cup of coffee... I love my caffeine, but I'm ADDICTED to literature—reading AND writing it—and am thrilled to have released two YA novels: A BLUE SO DARK (2010) and a romance titled PLAYING HURT (2011). My debut middle grade is forthcoming from Dial

* * * * * * * * * *

"How did you come up with the story?  Is there someone or something that inspires you on writing it?"
HS: None of my characters are ever based on people I’ve met in real life.  And the scenarios in my books are never based on anything that’s ever happened to me…It’s all completely fictitious.  I knew, in the beginning, that I wanted to write a story about learning the difference between just loving someone (which is how Chelsea feels for Gabe) and falling head-over-heels passionately in love with someone (which is really how Chelsea feels for Clint).  That thread still does exist in PLAYING HURT, but the final published version also features the storyline about recovering from a life-changing event, too. 

"What is the best and worst part of writing PLAYING HURT?"
HS: I drafted PLAYING HURT several years ago—before I drafted my debut novel, A BLUE SO DARK!  I had to rewrite this book globally several times over the years, to finally get it in its final published form.  That was the best and worst part of writing PLAYING HURT—in many ways, it was heartbreaking to go through years of rejection, but I also really loved having all that time to uncover my characters piece by piece, rewrite by rewrite.

"If you ever got a chance to change something about your book, what would it be?"
HS: I don’t think a book ever feels completely finished for an author.  Five years down the road, if I were to open PLAYING HURT and read it again, I’m sure I’d see things I’d do differently…In fact, I HOPE I feel that way about the book.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be growing as a writer!

"Did you learn anything from writing this book?  Can you tell us?" 
HS: I learned the importance of listening to my characters, allowing them to tell me who they are, rather than trying to force upon them who I think they SHOULD be. 

I actually didn’t come across the sports subplot until the last time I rewrote the book…And I came across it by standing back, observing the way my characters already behaved on the page, and realizing they were telling me they were athletes!

"Is there something you want to say to your readers?"
HS: Thank you.  Really.  My readers are the absolute coolest.  They never fail to reach out to me, or to spread word of my work online…They’ve championed my work like no one else!  And I can’t begin to explain just how special that is to me…

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you for being here with us Holly and I myself really enjoyed this book. And I do hope you enjoy this interview my fellow readers and bloggers! I am very honored being part of this blog tour! I am sure that every readers out there is going to enjoy this one as well! Wishing you all the best and success Ms. Schindler! We'll be waiting more from you! :D

Playing Hurt Giveaway!

There are seven stops on the Playing Hurt Philippines Blog Tour, and on each stop you will have a chance to win a copy of Holly's second book!



Mia said...

Interesting interview! Especially the part of acknowledging her characters attitude or behavior ;)

Bonnie said...

Great interview. I read for a well developed character and it sounds like I would definitely find that in Playing Hurt!

T.B. said...

Awesome interview! Even though she had to go through so many rewrites of Playing Hurt, that's wonderful that she stuck through with it in the end. That's interesting that she never feels that a book is completely finished for an author. Thanks so much for the giveaway as well!

Aleetha said...

I never thought that the writing process will take that long. Does she want it to be perfect. But I think it's already great. Your review about this book become one of the proves :)

Anonymous said...

This really is such a great interview (and giveaway!). I love how you were able to see your characters grow over the years. That is awesome!

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