May 3, 2011

Cover Reveal: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Holy Cheeseballs! THE MOMENT WE'VE BEEN ALL WAITING FOR! The 3rd installment of the International Bestselling Novel of the HUSH,HUSH Saga! OMG! It is revealed at the MTV Hollywood Crush! *shrieks* It's been a long wait for a huge Hush,Hush Fan! XD

It has a very awesome cover! 

Wow, wow, wow! The cover is so unexpectedly brilliant! Finally, Patch and Nora is together in this coolio cover! I am practically drooling over it right now! How I LOOOOVEE this one! Goddness, I am out of words right now! *laughs* Why do we need to wait 'til October if there is the month of May, June and July! LOL! My hands are itching with excitement! My eagerness to get myself a copy of this book is running short! I have to be patient! *runs hysterically* XD

A big thanks to MTV Hollywood Crush, we may able to read the excerpt of the book Silence! I want to read it but it will spoil me, so I am just sharing it to you guys! lol! :]

I have included the countdown widget here in my blog! I loved it as well! You can visit the the Official Fan Site of Hush, Hush: Fallen Archangel to get your very own countdown widget. And visit their blog as well at Coldwater High eZine! :]

The waiting began!


The Lovely Getaway said...


Sarah said...

Wow, I love it!!

Marrion said...

Yeah! I know right? It's so awesome! :]

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